Mulch can be anything that covers soil in order to keep weeds from sprouting and retains moisture. Stones can be used as a mulch for decorative purposes but organic material such as leaf litter or hardwood chips will slowly breakdown improving your soil.

We have a wide range of stones for decorative mulch or organic mulch such as forest mulch, forest fines, economical coarse grade, hardwood chips and more.

For details on the benefits of each, you can visit our website or give us a call on 0408 292 951 if you would like some advice on which type of mulch to use.

Buying turf can be a substantial investment, especially if you’re covering a large area, so it makes sense to lay the best foundation.

By using an underturf rich in nutrients your turf will get a much better start and stay greener and fresher for longer. You will also save in the long term without having to use artificial fertilisers. These can often be slower to act as they are applied to the surface of the lawn rather than the lawn being able to draw the nutrients directly from the underturf via its root system. Using underturf will also improve the health of your existing soil.
Our underturf is produced over a 4-month cycle resulting in a consistent product that meets or exceeds Australian standards.

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If you require any of our products: compost, soil, fill, gravel, etc to be delivered to Brisbane or Bayside suburbs our prices include delivery.
We offer great value bulk delivery of all our products and our drivers will do their utmost to unload exactly where you need it to save you additional work and effort.

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